Healthy Drinks

Healthy drinks to consider:

  • tea
  • wine
  • organic juices
  • coffee (some disagree on this one)
  • and of course lots of water.

For a refreshing drink combine water with 1/4 of a lemon. According to Wikipedia lemon was known for its antiseptic properties and was used as an antidote for various poisons.

L’Sage Lifestyle has a great page on wine. You can go to L’Sage Systems website
Juice – I just purchased a new juicer. I’ll be adding a page to this site soon covering the health benefits of juicing.

If you drink juice consider adding some water to lower the effects of the sugar content.

Drinks to avoid

I avoid all soft drinks. Consider you can pour coke over your battery cables and it will remove the buildup.

What that does to your body??

I also avoid milk. I believe it causes problems for my digestive system. You may not have the same issue.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Slowly replace soft drinks with water and a slice of lemon or organic juice mixed with water.