Homemade Chicken Salad Easy Chicken Salad Recipe Chicken Salad

I have made chicken salad using left-over chicken and canned chicken. Canned chicken seem to taste the best. I have also used homemade sweet pickles in place of the relish. This tastes the best but the relish tastes great too.

Mom’s Chicken Salad Recipe:

a can of chicken, 1 tbs relish, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 c mayonnaise

1. Drain the can of chicken. Dump chicken into mixing bowl.

2. Add relish, salt and mayonnaise to chicken. Mix until blended.

3. Spread onto bread and eat. You may wish to let the mix chill for a bit before eating. The flavor seems to get better if the mix is chilled. You may also leave out the salt if you wish. You can get creative and make this taste how you want it to. You can add cheese or pickles. My mom made this when I was a kid and now my sister and I make our own. It is a family favorite.


Add ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise. You won’t need half a cup because the ranch flavor is stronger. 

Add chopped dill or sweet pickles instead of relish. Bread and butter pickles seem to taste the best.

Add cheese or sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder into mix.

Add a little garlic salt instead of plain salt.

Add barbecue or teriyaki sauce instead of mayonnaise. You won’t need half a cup because the flavor will be different and these sauces are stronger.

This is a basic recipe that you can get creative with or eat just the way it’s written. You can serve this as a sandwich or add mix to a salad. You can serve with sides like potato or macaroni salad, fries, chips, carrots, corn, baked beans, fruit or just about anything, You can serve on plain white bread or get fancy and choose French bread, garlic toast, a sweet onion roll or some other flavored bread.