How to Make an Easy Chicken Salad

Keep it simple, keep it healthy.

This chicken salad recipe is low in fat and calories, and easy to make.   All ingredients should be used to YOUR liking.  This dish is good any time of the year, and it is filling yet healthy too.

The use of the words healthy and tasty in the same paragraph might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but try it out.  If you hate it, the dog will love it.

* signifies:  “you decide the amount to use”.


1-2 cans chicken*

Low Fat mayonnaise *

1 apple- peeled and cut into chunks


1 celery stalk cut into very thin slices

Garlic powder*

Salt and Pepper*

Mix all ingredients together; cover and refrigerate for one half hour to allow flavors to blend together.  If your tummy is rumbling now, go ahead and eat it right after preparation.  This salad can be served in a bowl, in a sandwich, or as a spread on your favorite cracker.  This spread is even good on graham crackers too! 

Pecans and cran-raisins can also be used.  For those of you who don’t like salt, avoid it or use kosher salt to keep the flavor.  For those of you looking for more flavor and calories:  fry up some bacon, crumble it, drain and add to the mix.  (If you use the bacon, you may as well go for the full fat mayo). 

For those of you going into the other direction and looking for a healthy recipe, roast yourself a chicken for lower salt content and throw some lettuce into the mix. 

For a different twist (but do avoid the graham crackers here):  use a teaspoon of cumin or ground dry dill weed and add a dash of lemon juice. 

This recipe is good to have on hand at home, as well as a pleaser at parties.