Kentucky Fried Chickens Double down and the Commotion it Caused

Anything that is out of the usual, whether it’s food on a menu, or comments when talking with others, or unsightly behavior will cause comments. Therefore,the Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsors should have known that the public is not against eating their crunchy drumsticks with their fingers, but holding two pieces of chicken in their hands instead of a bun or two slices of bread, is too far out. Colonel Sanders, the originator of KFC, must have emitted vibrations from his grave that caused his loyal customers to roar, foul, foul!

It is hard to imagine the distinguished gentlemen, a Kentucky Colonel no less, dining out with this glob of food on his plate. What is this Double Down thing all about, he would have drawled?  It is “two thick and juicy boneless chicken fillets” either grilled or fried – Original Recipe – with bacon, two types of cheese and a drizzling of the Colonel’s Sauce. They say it’s “so meaty, there’s no room for a bun”. You’re pulling my leg, he would have drawled.  

That may well be true, or not true, but for sure, with the original KFC special type of chicken, adding up to 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1389 mg of sodium, and the KFC Grilled Double Down with 469 calories, 23 grams of fat and 1439 mg sodium, there may not be room for a body to fit into a regular pair of trousers if this kind of eating becomes a habit. The respected old gentlemen could also have issued that warning.

The whole affair may be a gimmick to bring in more business. The fast food crown loves a commotion and one cause by an advertising gimmick would not deter them from playing along. Whatever it takes to bring in customers, commotion, and sensation seems to be what the food industry, and KFC in particular, is up to.  And along with that, the inventors of this finger-licking sandwich may have intended it to be eaten with a knife and fork and not picked up with fingers. 

Everyone is aware that the latest trend, caused by health department warnings, is to cut down on fats, fried foods and eliminating most of the sodium that is now being taken in on a daily basis. And when you consider that this one food item contains a third of the calories most moderate eaters consume in one day, it’s easy to understand the hullabaloo that supposedly is being raised. Churchhill Downs of Kentucky Derby fame, most certainly treats their horses better than KFC treats their customers.

The uproar could have started over the amount of sodium. A teaspoon of salt contains 2,325 mg of salt and the recommended amount is 2,300 mg. In the Double Down alone half of the daily allotment of salt is in this one glorified piece of meat. Add that to the rest of the day’s sodium that is naturally in most foods and the sodium levels in the blood will raise to abnormal levels. 

For those with already high blood pressures, the recommended daily intake is 1,500 mg, about the amount in the Double Down. Of course grilling the meat cuts down on some of the fat and were this serving halved with cheese and bacon left off, then a reasonable heart healthy piece of chicken would be served.

KFC is not to be blamed entirely. Grilled chicken was added to the menu when the public demanded it; therefore KFC is only giving the public what it wants. The Double Down awaits the same fate.

This delights those who want to cut down on their fat intake while still enjoying the delicious food served at KFC. But with the Double Down, one wonders if they made the right choice for a public that listens to their taste buds rather than to their doctors.