What Is Tonsil Stones

Have you been coughing up smelly white things?

Have you noticed lots of  white coating on  the back of your throat ? Do you think this could be causing your problems? What else have you noticed about yourself?  Do people mention that your breath isn’t very pleasant?  Are you having difficulty swallowing lately?  What about coughing too much or clearing your throat?  Do you feel as if you have hard pieces of food stuck in the back of your throat? Well, possibly you could be suffering from a case of tonsil stones.  You need to find a way to get rid of these nasty smelly rocks that keep coming out of your mouth. You also don’t need to show them to anyone.  Read on to see what natural methods are available to get rid of nasty tonsil stones.

Many people live with tonsiloliths and this is troubling, however, you do not have to because you can find a way to remove these stones from your mouth. One way that you could remove a stone is to take a q-tip and gently touch the area that the stone is located (notice if your gag reflux is  too sensitive).  If you cannot do this then you could rinse and gargle several times a day with warm salt water to assist  the removal of your annoying stones.

After examining and cleaning your throat  area hopefully you were able to remove at least one of your  stones.  Looking at one of them you can decide then if you possibly need to change what you are eating to become healthy, after all the stones are telling you something. Today there are many diets that offer healthy eating option plans to get you back to healthier habits that could possibly prevent tonsil stones in the future.